Telemadrid workers, dismissed in a collective layoff, support Greek ERT colleagues

ERT staff are continuing to broadcast from their studios and broadcasting via streaming (EBU)

Salvemos Telemadrid (“Save Telemadrid” Plataform) wants to send its support and solidarity to the 2.800 fellow workers of the Greek Public Radio Television that the Greek government to shut down by surprise.

The workers of the public broadcaster Radio Television Madrid have suffered firsthand the consequences of a disastrous management by executives that, with the excuse of the crisis, have dismantled this service media to subject it to private interests.

It is for this reason that we understand what our Greek colleagues are suffering at this very moment and we encourage them not to give up the fight for a democratic, non partisan public communication service in interest of all Greek citizens.

Information and public service media are citizens’ rights that cannot be subordinated to obscure economic interests or dictated by organizations such as the IMF, the European Central Bank or the European Commission that don’t represent the people and haven’t been democratically elected.

(@HelenaSheehan: Workers occupying #ERT resisting closure of public broadcasting in)

Grecia television publica trabajadores

(@iptamenos33: Panoramic view of the yard of #ERT compound)

grecia tv publica exterior

(@teacherdude: Video of Greek riot police closing down #ERT transmitters in Thessaloniki)